What our clients say

Here are some reviews from our customers collected from our Facebook Page, Google, TradeMe, emails and given in person.

Love my maternity dress! [Maternity and breastfeeding dress Lina]

Prisha S. August 25, 2018

This maternity dress is just perfect for me! My favorite one! [Michelle dress]

Simran K. August 25, 2018

Absolutely love this shop. Very good quality and reasonable prices. Just purchased warm winter pants with belly support and going to come back for my nursery pyjama. Thanks for your great customer service!

Daria M. August 9, 2018

Just bought an Amery breastfeeding dress - it's gorgeous! Great material and quality, I'm sure it'll last for a long time! Super comfy too! Service was lovely, thanks very much!

Nina B. August 9, 2018

Lovely dress! I'm a return customer and will be back soon! Thank you. [maternity dress Layla]

Hanna April 7, 2018

Thanks for another fantastic trade [maternity dress Mederos and maternity top Trisha]

Michelle April 1, 2018

The [labor and delivery] gown is awesome! I loved to wear it at home and it worked great at the hospital. Recommend! [Pretty Pushers Butterfly Sleeve Labor gown]

Clara Wellington October 30, 2017

Perfect fit. Just what I needed. Highly recommend & fast delivery. [Breastfeeding dress Flyor]

Michelle P. October 5, 2017

Great customer service, I accidentally gave her the wrong address an she was super nice about it and helped me track it down. Highly recommended!

Sam October 5, 2017

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I bought a breastfeeding dress Nancy and it's my favorite! I receive a lot of compliments. Love the dress!

Julie U. July 8, 2017

user3 pic, pumkin picture

I bought a few pieces and I am very happy with my choice. The breastfeeding wrap is just awesome! It's high quality and comfortable to use. The birthing dress [Pretty Pushers Original Labor And Delivery Gown] was great in labor and worked for me perfectly. I highly recommend Pretty Pushers!

Natasha J. July 8, 2017

user5 pic, orange flower

I bought two maternity tops and I love them! Great quality and service, fast delivery, thank you!

Nadia E. June 8, 2017

user4 pic, sleeping baby

I bought a maternity dress at Mum And Baby Boutique. I loved that dress and wore it for the whole pregnancy. After the birth I got a few nursing tops. All the clothes are of high quality, and it is a pleasure to wear them!

Val July 1, 2017

Highly recommend! This is a great breastfeeding top, fits perfectly and good value for money. Thanks v much! [Breastfeeding top Reima]

S.P. October 5, 2017

Keri October 5, 2017