Breastfeeding scarfs, covers and wraps

Nursing scarfs, breastfeeding covers and wraps – feed your baby privately.

Although breastfeeding a baby is the most natural thing, let’s face it, not all mums feel comfortable to breastfeed in public. Some mothers don’t bother when some prefer to cover up with a nursing wrap or a breastfeeding scarf. The most important thing is to feel comfortable whatever you choose. For mothers who need some privacy we offer a range of breastfeeding covers.

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I bought a few pieces and I am very happy with my choice. The breastfeeding wrap is just awesome! It's high quality and comfortable to use. The birthing dress [Pretty Pushers Original Labor And Delivery Gown] was great in labor and worked for me perfectly. I highly recommend Pretty Pushers!

Natasha J. July 8, 2017

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